Our purpose is to educate, inform, & equip businesses, individuals & legislators to become educated healthcare consumers about costs and care. We want to make you aware of useful information that IS available, how to find it, and how to use it.

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The cost of healthcare in America is on the rise and will only continue to increase.  Year after year, health care costs increase American businesses' expenses, as well as impacting individual's out-of-pocket medical expenses through increased premiums, co-pays, deductibles, and charges for items stated as non-covered. The financing and delivery of healthcare has been impacted by major shifts in coverage, payments and legislation.  Increasing healthcare costs and patient responsibility is a continuing trend.  A new TransUnion Healthcare (NYSE: TRU) analysis revealed that patients experienced an 11% increase in average out-of-pocket costs during 2017.  Roughly 50%, or 156 million, of covered lives in the United States are covered under Employee based health care benefits according to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF). 

Our purpose is to inform, educate and equip
businesses, individuals, legislators, & medical providers
to become educated healthcare consumers about costs and care by sharing information AND actionable guidance and tactics to reduce healthcare spending and receive care.
Our goal is to make you aware of useful information that IS available, how to find it, and how to use it.

Become an educated healthcare consumer or business about healthcare AND the associated health care costs. Healthcare is essential to everyone and it has become imperative to become educated.  Health insurance DOES NOT EQUAL health care.  The public is being inundated with confusing information through political and insurance conversations and media coverage...while being unaware of useful information that is available, let alone how to find it, and most importantly how to use it.  

We inform, educate and equip businesses, individuals, legislators & medical providers in two ways:

  1. Through presentations, keynotes and training sessions,  and/or
  2. Electronic subscription to bi-weekly must know healthcare knowledge to become educated, stay informed, and utilize to